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    ENgagia: College of Chaos


    ENgagia: College of Chaos Empty ENgagia: College of Chaos

    Post by Chaozi on Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:43 am

    Engagia: College of Chaos

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    Hundreds of miles away from civilisation deep within the Northern Atlantic ocean sits a very unique Island that was never recorded on the world map. Sailors that got too close were shot down by mysterious forces of tidal waves, Rains of fire, Lightning strikes and even earthquakes underwater. Nobody that got close to this island lived to see it through to the other side let alone dock there. But why is this?... On this island lives a man that goes without a name. Many just call him the Leader because he is the one that leads the islands rules and enforces them with his power. He watches the entire island the size of New York itself with his group of trusted workers that have lived with him on this island for as long as they could remember. What these guys are here for, is to kidnap people from the true countries.

    Cases of missing people began to strike up all across the world from different countries every single day which made the public very scared. However, the only ones being kidnapped were actually teenagers and young adults that had either just left or still attend college. They wouldn't feel much nor actually notice a great deal seeing as each kidnapping involved them being drugged from a distance and then carried away to an aircraft to take them to the island. These students would then wake up in what appears to be a school.

    Looking around, everything would seem to be like any normal school on the Planet with all the facilities that one would come with. The only difference would be that this school took up the entire landmass that was the island. Running from one side to the other would take about 2 hours at a constant full sprint. The only thing that wasn't a school, playground or public garden would be a Mansion joined at the top of a hill that was owned by the Leader of this entire island. So what's so special about this place?

    Well, every student that woke up would be wearing the school uniform of the island: Grey Japanese styled with red highlights and the school symbol of an eagle and snake on a shield. They would also find a bracelet on their wrist coloured grey all over with an orb in the center. These, are what makes this island both illegal and exciting. When a new student finds himself in a position of distress and near death, these bracelets will glow and then transform the Students body into a knight. Their entire being would now be encased in armour and hold weapons that were unique to themselves.The bracelets themselves would be matching the colour of their element be it Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Black or Yellow.

    Now, the Leader of the island keeps these students in line by making them fight one another whenever they choose. However, he likes to be human and gives every student proper education without the homework part. Lessons would go as usual during the day and each Teacher would be armed with a paralyse device to stop students from fighting during lessons. During their breaks, lunch or back in their dormitories, these students would be allowed to fight each other with whatever powers their bracelets had unlocked for them.

    Some students have died from this terrible game. A massive leader-board sits in the assembly hall with the names of all 1000 students on it. Each one is numbered in score for the fights they have won and lost. If a students score hits 0, their bracelets safety will be turned off allowing their bodies to be killed in combat. Even having 1 point will secure their safety. 0 is basically a ticket to death. Why do so many people actually die in this game? Well think of it as, you lose a match, you lose a fight, you lose a huge chunk of points that vary on how badly you were beaten.

    Whoever is in position 1 would be the strongest fighter in the entire school which is what the Leader is after. Camera's everywhere record every fight and are taped into a database for every student to watch at a later date. What the leader of this island is truly after remains a mystery, but would you be able to figure it out? Save yourself and return home?... Or will you die from this game?


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