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    Name: Hana
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    Kiyoshi Empty Kiyoshi

    Post by Hana on Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:49 pm

    Name: Kiyoshi
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: half Japanese half american
    Flame: Sun

    Kiyoshi 357705

    baby form
    Kiyoshi Mori_Motonari_by_Furuta

    Kiyoshi is 5'3'' tall and has brown hair that reached at his chin. He also has green eyes. He usually wears a strange green helmet when he goes out. When in baby form, he wears the smaller version of his clothes and helmet.

    Personality: calm, mature, kind, smart

    History:Kiyoshi was born in Osaka, Japan. He was orphaned when he was a baby and lived in a shrine. He got raised by monks and mikos who he considered family. He taught on how to use a ring blade by himself at age 6 when the priest wasn't looking. He mastered the ring blade at age 8. He was also taught discipine, self-control, and patience. He left the shrine on his own at age 16 and by chance met a group of people. He was asked if he wants to join them, and he accepts. He was taken to a large mountain and met with 6 other people. He heard on what's going to happen and ''arcobaleno's'' role. He ws at the top of the mountain and gathered around the center person. A bright light shone over the group and what happen next was he saw that he was turned into a baby wearing a yellow pacifier. On his head was a frilled lizard, and he now carries a small hula hoop.

    Starting Point: Beijing, China

    Animal Partner: Frilled lizard
    Name: Sayaka
    Appearance: A sky blue frilled lizard that has a pink colored baby-sized handprint birthmark on its stomach.
    Personality:Sayaka is loyal to its partner and loves to sleeps on Kiyoshi's head. Sayaka is also quiet and over protective.

    Ability(s): Sayaka can store energy by using the frills on its neck absorbing the sun's rays. It can blast a sun- type flame ball to release all the energy it stored.
    Downside(s): Sayaka can't store any more energy once its full and sleeps for 3 days.

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    Kiyoshi Empty Re: Kiyoshi

    Post by grey_marian on Sun Jan 16, 2011 9:36 pm

    Welcome to the Arcobaleno with myself Sora Smile You'll make a fine addition x3
    I'm sorry it took so long to approve this profile.

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