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    Bleach Integrity


    Bleach Integrity Empty Bleach Integrity

    Post by xxx Mon Mar 21, 2011 4:45 pm

    Bleach Integrity Zzz10

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    The Capture
    One year ago Aizen Sosuke was captured by the Shinigami and sentenced to 18,800 years in Avici, the lowest level of the underground prison. There was seemingly no escape, no way to break free. For one peaceful year the shinigami have worked to replenish their ranks and make the Soul Society stronger than ever. Most of the Espada and Arrancar have been killed during the fight with the shinigami, however, some still remain, full of hatred.

    The Unknown

    A mysterious stranger appeared in Hueco Mundo. It is known only to the Espada who this new figure is. It is their new leader. Aizen has been replaced.

    The Escape

    One week ago there was a breakout from the lowest level of the underground prison. Aizen has escaped. However, he doesn't have the same powers he's once had. He's much weakened. Aizen travels to Hueco Mundo, thinking he can take back his leadership and remake his army, only to find there's a new leader. What's he to do? Meanwhile Ichigo & Co have been hitting the books and getting on with their lives when they get a message from the Soul Society about Aizen's escape and rush to help.

    The Massacre

    Mysterious killings have been happening in the human world. Hundreds of people have been found dead, their bodies torn open. The Shinigami are sure it's Aizen. But is it really?

    What will the Espada plan?
    What will Aizen do?
    What role will the Vizard play?
    And, the ultimate question, is there about to be another war?

    You decide.

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