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    The Wandering Illusionist

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    The Wandering Illusionist Empty The Wandering Illusionist

    Post by Senetue on Sun Jun 20, 2010 9:26 am

    A man wandered down the side of the street in Shanghai, black sunglasses on his face while he swung what appeared to be a cane left and right, usually a sign that this man was blind. Though that wasn't the case as his long white hair blew around, he seemed to actually be able to see, maneuvering around people as if he was able to see them. His name was Senetue, a mostly wanted criminal in the European Countries, the Asian Countries was the sort of places where he was safe, but still did things like this to hide his identity. There was a loud thwack as he swung the cane to the right, causing some one to quickly grab down at their ankle where he had hit them. They began to yell at him which he stopped and looked off to the side while holding the cane at his side. Then finally he turned around and wandered off, swinging the cane left and right and hitting people in the ankles. He was sure to make some great friends this way.

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