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    Starting Plot {subject to change}

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    Starting Plot {subject to change} Empty Starting Plot {subject to change}

    Post by Trapnest Thu Jun 03, 2010 6:03 am

    with great power came the creation of the world...

    with great power came with it the wince of its very own destruction...

    In a world where the mafia ceased to exist... They still do, dwelling in the underworld in search for the 7 most powerful rings known to men. The Vongola rings.

    No known facts about it's where about's are known, that even the mere mention of it is ridiculed. It would appear that many had forgotten the authority the mafia once had, and it all started right after the disappearance of the rings.

    After the disbandment of the Vongola Family, the rings were donated to a family no less than a low rank turf. They had used the rings as a power source to create more rings out of the 7 rings.

    But came a day when the rings overpowered the machine, a huge explosion occurred sending the rings flying off across the world.

    The disappearance of the rings caused all the generated rings to loose there powers, no ones has been able to use there flame since its disappearance.

    The disappearance of the rings was the disappearance of the mafia age its self.

    But end doesn't mean game over.

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