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    Storm Family: a family of many secrets

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    Storm Family: a family of many secrets Empty Storm Family: a family of many secrets

    Post by Roukostu on Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:59 pm

    Family Name: Storm family

    Family Members:

    Desired territory: Shibuya

    Family background: The Storm family has been living and in control of Shibuya since the 1930's, they are not the type of people to easily let that land go or be taken by someone else, they'll fight for their lives for their home and comrades, the Storm family residents is known to hold those who have no where to go, or no family to return to. The family is now headed by Angel Storm, he had given up his name when he married the head of the Storm Yakuza's daughter, Yumi Storm, Angel works as a doctor, but upholds the family rules, and traditions, even though they may not look it, they are very well reserved, only trust certain people or families with their secrets.

    Family Goal: They are known to be in other dealings much like other families, but what their goal really keep those who have no home or family off the streets and out of dangers, even though this family is known for a dangerous background.

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