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    7 Flames of the Earth [Marian Family]


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    7 Flames of the Earth [Marian Family] Empty 7 Flames of the Earth [Marian Family]

    Post by grey_marian on Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:42 am

    This page will be updated periodically until all 7 of the flames are revealed in the manga.

    Earth (Terra)
    Known Users: Enma Kozato, Cozarto Shimon, Simon Bosses [Grey Marian]
    Description: Earth Flames are used by the Simon Bosses. Not much known but its appearance is similar to the Sky Flame and it allow Enma to control gravity.
    Appearance: The Earth Flames look like Sky Flames but with different shape.

    Forest (Foresta)
    Known Users: Koyo Aoba
    Description: Forest Flames have the ability to create and control plant life. These plants can be used to create barriers of wood or to create a barrage of razor sharp leaves. Unlike other flames, Forest Flames do not burn but instead, cut the enemy with its razor edges.
    Appearance: The Forest Flames look like leaves

    Mountain (Montagna)
    Known Users: Rauji Ooyama
    Description: The Mountain Flame penetrates and synchronizes with soil and sand and is said to have complete control over flamed earth and sand. Users of this Flame are capable of even making mountains grow from the earth.
    Appearance: The Mountain Flame looks like stones and magma covered in flames.

    Swamp (Palude)
    Known Users: P. Shitt
    Description: The Swamp Flame has the ability to ferment any inorganic substance, causing it to decay and rot away.
    Apperance: When fermenting the Flame looks like bog water, or the fermenting objects found in a swamp.

    Glacier Flame (Ghiacciaio)
    Known Users: Adelheid Suzuki
    Description: The Glacier Flame has freezing properties as seen where it was able to instantly freeze an entire waterfall.
    Appearance:The Glacier Flames look like shards of ice.

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